TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK. New Smoothies should be back in stock this May of 2018! The new batch is optical instead of OTA, and we are really happy with the way this new version sounds and responds. It runs at higher internal DC for higher headroom, for you players with high-output basses. It will be available in two versions: "tough" and "suave". The tough ones have a more aggressive attack, which sounds great on bass, and the suave ones have a smoother, silkier attack that guitarists prefer. They are otherwise the same. The price will be $210 USD plus postage. We will also have a couple of units available with the original circuit design, at $189 plus postage. Please feel free to email us at ovnifx @ ovnifx .com with any questions. Thanks so much for your interest and your patience!
The OVNIFX Smoothie compressor is packed with features such as clean blend, tilting EQ, super low noise, and an LED to indicate the amount of compression, with wide frequency response so it works equally well with guitar and bass.
Guitar demo video by Gearmanndude:

Bass demo video by Andrew Tasselmyer:

The brand new Smoothie Compressor from OVNIFX
Smoothie Inside View