YES! NOW IN STOCK. New Smoothies are here. This batch uses an optical circuit instead of OTA, and we are really happy with the results! Follow this link to purchase the Smoothie on Reverb.com (Suave version only--the Tough version is currently sold out.)
The new ones have essentially the same tone and action as the originals, apart from these details: It uses a charge pump to boost the 9V supply to a higher internal voltage, to reduce the chance of clipping, for you players with high-output basses. It will be available in two versions: "tough" and "suave". The suave ones soften the compressor's reaction to the initial peaks of your notes, which gives a little more transparent-sounding action and reduces any artifacts. The tough ones respond to your note attack more strongly and quickly, which gives the start of the compression more of a funky character. They are otherwise the same. Guitarists tend to prefer the suave model, bassists tend to prefer the tough ones, but both versions work equally well for both instruments. And lastly, with the new Opto models you can get a serious dip-and-swell effect at the maximum setting of the Sustain knob. Lower settings get a more natural and unobtrusive action.
The OVNIFX Smoothie compressor is packed with features such as clean blend, tilting EQ, super low noise, very wide frequency range, and an LED to indicate the amount of compression.


OVNIFX.com Smoothie OptoOVNIFX.com Smoothie Opto
OVNIFX.com Smoothie OptoOVNIFX.com Smoothie Opto

These demo videos show the original Smoothie. We will have new videos for the new version soon. Again, the sound and action are very similar to what you see here--the new model will just have a bit wider range of effect, and higher headroom.


Guitar demo video by Gearmanndude:

Bass demo video by Andrew Tasselmyer:

The price is $210 USD plus $10 for Priority Mail postage for a total of $220 in the US. I apologize deeply to our international customers, the cost of postage has gone up a significant amount. Shipping outside the US, including to nearby countries such as Canada and Mexico, is $40 (for a total of $250). Please see the notes on the FAQ page about customs fees (VAT) and certain countries we may not ship to. Follow this link to purchase the Smoothie on Reverb.com (Suave version only--the Tough version is currently sold out.)