Warranty: If you ever have any problem with your Smoothie, contact me and I will do everything within my reasonable ability to make it right. It doesn't matter if you are the original owner. I will have to be the final judge of whether the situation calls for repair, replacement, or refund.
Contact: cyrus "at" ovnifx dot com or find me (@bongomania) on the Talkbass forum.
VAT/customs fees: We have no way of knowing whether your government agencies will charge you extra import duties, or how much they may charge. That information will depend on the policies of your specific country, and the arbitrary decision of some local bureaucrat. Our customs forms will declare the value of the package at the retail price of the pedal, not including postage.
Pear Lab: The independent pedal brand "Pear Lab" in Poland manufactures the Smoothie for us.
"Can I get cheaper postage direct from Poland?" No, I'm sorry. I understand many of you in Germany and other parts of the EU would prefer to get the Smoothie from Poland for a lower postage cost, but it is just not possible with the way Pear Lab and OVNIFX have arranged our business.
Shipping restrictions: There are some countries or regions in conflict where packages are often lost or stolen. We may, at our discretion, refuse to ship there. Examples include (but are not limited to) Indonesia, Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Nigeria. If we make that decision, we will refund your money right away, with a note to explain. Our sincere apologies in advance!
Why "OVNIFX": OVNI is how they write "UFO" in Spanish, French, and Italian, and I liked the idea of a name that is both international and retro-futuristic.